Welcome to Landslide Photography

Photographs are the physical preservation of memories. Timbra Wiist, owner/operator, sets out to capture "The Journey of Motherhood" through maternity, birth photography, newborn and nursing portraits, and beyond.

Who is Landslide Photography?

Timbra Wiist holds a Degree in Photography from Sacramento City College (Sacramento, CA) with special emphasis on Photojournalism, Wedding and Portrait Photography. She takes a photojournalistic approach to traditional portraiture. Pricing and information found at The Journey of Motherhood, the main focus of Landslide Photography. Timbra also photographs on location for Weddings, Events (parties, reunions, etc) and Portrait sittings, as she has done for the past eight years.

Simon: Newborn

Little Simon came a day earlier than his scheduled entrance. I think I photographed the family about two weeks after the last time I'd been there, he was about 10 days old (which meant I'd only caught his mama's belly by two or three days!). What a sweet little family. I think these two were still in shock and awe that this little wonder was all theirs. I don't know where those babies are that let you put them down and pose them strangely while they slumber, because I've never met one. Simon had NO desire for his mama to put him down, and it took many efforts and nursing sessions to let us get any of these photos of him on the bed without squeals of displeasure.

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