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Photographs are the physical preservation of memories. Timbra Wiist, owner/operator, sets out to capture "The Journey of Motherhood" through maternity, birth photography, newborn and nursing portraits, and beyond.

Who is Landslide Photography?

Timbra Wiist holds a Degree in Photography from Sacramento City College (Sacramento, CA) with special emphasis on Photojournalism, Wedding and Portrait Photography. She takes a photojournalistic approach to traditional portraiture. Pricing and information found at The Journey of Motherhood, the main focus of Landslide Photography. Timbra also photographs on location for Weddings, Events (parties, reunions, etc) and Portrait sittings, as she has done for the past eight years.

McDonald Family

We had some rains in May, which caused the cancellation and reschedule of a couple of photo shoots, in fact, one shoot would be pushed from April all the way to July. But the McDonald family and I only pushed our shoot back ONE day, from a Saturday to a Sunday, to avoid soggy grass and cooler temperatures (and grumpy kids too). We had a fantastic time at Red Butte Gardens, just wandering around and enjoying the seasonal fauna. You might not believe that this teenage boy wouldn't want his photo taken :) But for someone who wasn't excited about being photographed, he sure photographs amazingly well. Perhaps it's the truth in his expressions and the refusal to smile?Kids, at any age, people, at any age, must be who they are in a photo, if one is to believe that photo. I often tell parents not to worry about how their children are feeling about the session or behaving, because those moments ARE their children, not stiff posed family photos, but laughter and smirks, smelling a flower, running wild, grumping and glaring. . .that's what I want to capture for you. . . YOU, YOUR children!I was photographing a LION here

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