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Photographs are the physical preservation of memories. Timbra Wiist, owner/operator, sets out to capture "The Journey of Motherhood" through maternity, birth photography, newborn and nursing portraits, and beyond.

Who is Landslide Photography?

Timbra Wiist holds a Degree in Photography from Sacramento City College (Sacramento, CA) with special emphasis on Photojournalism, Wedding and Portrait Photography. She takes a photojournalistic approach to traditional portraiture. Pricing and information found at The Journey of Motherhood, the main focus of Landslide Photography. Timbra also photographs on location for Weddings, Events (parties, reunions, etc) and Portrait sittings, as she has done for the past eight years.

Samurauw Maternity Shoot

I visit the dentist every six months. I was there in October, and learned that my dentist was due to have her first baby in February. I offered for her to call as the time drew near, I can never pass up opportunity to encourage a woman to have her belly photographed. It's just such an amazing time, something to be reminded, after baby comes, how one's body can grow and change to accommodate such a little wonder. I didn't hear from her, so I thought she'd decided not to have the photos done, or gone with someone else, then I get an email a week before her scheduled cesarean, asking if I'd be available (on Superbowl Sunday) to photograph this final stage of her body's transformation. OF COURSE I WOULD. It was a crisp day in early February, but they have a beautiful home, providing plenty of options for indoor photographs to be taken. We had a great time trying different areas of the home. Her mother was also here from Indonesia, awaiting arrival of this little person (and is still here 11 months later). A few special photos of three generations to-be.

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