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Photographs are the physical preservation of memories. Timbra Wiist, owner/operator, sets out to capture "The Journey of Motherhood" through maternity, birth photography, newborn and nursing portraits, and beyond.

Who is Landslide Photography?

Timbra Wiist holds a Degree in Photography from Sacramento City College (Sacramento, CA) with special emphasis on Photojournalism, Wedding and Portrait Photography. She takes a photojournalistic approach to traditional portraiture. Pricing and information found at The Journey of Motherhood, the main focus of Landslide Photography. Timbra also photographs on location for Weddings, Events (parties, reunions, etc) and Portrait sittings, as she has done for the past eight years.

Sponsored Post: The LA Shop

I was recently asked to review a light system from the theLAshop.  The LAshop sells tons of fun stuff from furniture to tattoo equipment, photography equipment and stuff to make even the best party BETTER (cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, etc).  A few months ago I reviewed a backdrop stand for this company and really liked their product, so when I was approached again to review a continuous light system, I jumped at the chance.

My light system came promptly, unfortunately I have trouble being prompt about posting my reviews and it's taken a while to find an opportunity to pull the light system out and set it up, even though it is a super easy and quick set up (that's what happens when you lead a busy life and after seven years living in the same place your photography business is suddenly and FINALLY experiencing growth).

This system is pretty awesome.  It's lightweight and comes in a manageable and convenient carrying case.  There aren't any complicated pieces: 2 white umbrellas, 2 bulbs, 2 bulb attachments with power switches, cord and plug (all in one, no detaching) and 2 light stands.

The light stands can be as compact as you need them to be.  My house is pretty small and doesn't have any super large spaces for setting up a "studio" but I was able to make a quick "studio" in my tiny (6ft x 6ft) hallway using a backdrop and these two lights.  You can also extend the light stands to approximately 8 feet and they are stored at about 2.5 feet in length.
The lights do have to be plugged in and they are continuous lights, not strobe/flash.  The color on the subject is great the they are really a perfect start-up light system or a great on-site light system for those who want to add a studio look to their photography (or mix up a single session with some natural lighting and some studio lighting).
I really like this product and the price is very reasonable.  I have had a light system for years that is much more difficult to set up and I found this system to be easy and without hassle (and cost three times as much for a single light).  I was able to pull everything out of the box and have a two-light studio set-up within about 10 minutes, which is perfect because I photograph families and young children, so I need something that is quick and easy to set up and take down without wasting the time of the client or the patience of the child!  I would highly recommend this light system for anyone looking to create a small studio or who does on-location work, just remember, they have to be used where a power source is available.  If you have a budding photographer on your Christmas list, this would be a great purchase at a super reasonable price!


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